How do I start shopping online with?

For step-by-step shopping instructions, please follow the sequence below:

  1. When you have found a Product on the Website that you would like to buy, please click on the button labeled "add to cart". This will add your Product to a virtual "shopping cart".
  2. To change what’s in your virtual shopping cart at any time, click on the button labeled "edit cart".
  3. To remove a Product from your virtual shopping cart, click on the button labeled "remove" by the product.
  4. To add more Products to your virtual shopping cart, click on the link labeled "continue shopping".
  5. To pay for the Products in your virtual shopping cart at any time, click the button labeled “check out".
  6. When you click the “check out" button, you will be asked to provide various information necessary to process your order and deliver the Product(s) to you.

You can provide this information by filling in the fields requested on the screen.

All highlighted fields must be completed. We respect your right to privacy and will only use any information you provide to us as stated in our Privacy Policy.

To shop with greater ease with us online, register one-time to save your details so that you will not have to re-enter your personal information again on your next session.



How long will it take me to receive my order after making payment?

Order shipment takes twelve (12) to twenty (20) working days once your payment is verified depending on the number of orders received.

We advise that you contact us immediately if your order is delayed. Our support team is always waiting to help confirm the status of your order.

We do not guarantee delivery dates in the event of service interruptions or failures caused by circumstances beyond the control of HUB78. These interruptions include, but are not limited to, delays caused by the transportation system, shipping carrier or processing of cardholder's credit/debit card.

Delivery delays resulting from service interruptions or inclement weather conditions are not the responsibility of Hub78 or the carrier.

How can I change my shipping address?

We save the last shipping address that you use to your Hub78 account. Also, when you are checking out your order, this default shipping address will be displayed and you will be given the option to change it if you need to.



How can I track my orders & payment?

After logging into your account, the status of your checkout history can be found under Order History.

How do I cancel my orders before I make a payment?

After logging into your account, go to your Shopping Cart. Here, you will be able to make payment or cancel your order. Please note that we cannot give refunds once payment is verified.

How do I know if an item is in stock?

All our displayed items are in stock unless those marked with the "Out of stock" label.  If any item is unavailable upon receiving your order, we will inform you by email, and we will offer you a refund or alternative availability date where possible.



What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Visa Master Card, and American Express.

Do you allow for Cash on Delivery?

We currently do not allow for Cash on Delivery. You are to make your payment online before we process your order.

Can I use someone else’s credit card to pay for my order?

Following our credit card agreement, the person using the card must be the card owner.

Do you accept payments over the phone?

We do not allow payments over the telephone.



What is your cancellation policy?

Our "no questions asked" cancellation policy allows you to cancel your order with us:

  1. Before the Products are delivered to you; or
  2. Within seven (7) working days of receiving the Products.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions relating to cancellations and returns.

What is your return Policy?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions relating to returns.


Is my personal information kept private?       

Any piece of information that you share with us is private and confidential. At no point will we share, rent or sell your personal information without your consent, except as required by law or to fulfill an order contract with you. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

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